“During the coarse of my system evolving over the years, I have made several what I would call “transformative leaps” in the sound of the system, and the addition of the Bionic AL2 interconnect between the Ayon S-5 and the Triton III was one of them. The Ayon Triton III is a fast, high current, wide bandwidth amplifier. The Bionic AL2 interconnect allows those attributes to be nicely realized. The AL2 also has a wonderful tone, very deep bass response, and all of the information one could want in the upper frequencies but without getting out of control. The AL2 is obviously a wide bandwidth design, and its presentation across the frequency spectrum is very well balanced. The weight it brings to the sound is compelling in my opinion – from acoustic strings, vocals, to piano. The AL2 has made a wonderful and significant contribution to the sound of my system.”   Audiophile


“They have really transformed my system, and I am very critical of equipment. You could easily charge 10k and it would be justified. These have outperformed my MIT Oracle Shd and my Synergistic CTS interconnects handedly.”  Kyle R


“Your Bionic cables are detailed and smooth and balanced from top to bottom with nothing sticking out. For their price I think you have a winner” John M