AL1 is the beginning level of our Audio Links.  Every Bionic cables takes 11 man hours to build not counting processes and curing. There are a few well known manufacturers that are able to build respectable cables well under $1000.

We can’t build cables that would be any better than what already exists in this range. At this level the only requirements are pure copper, good connectors, quality soldering, and a dialectic that breathes. These can be produced by machines in high quantities.

The AL1 shares the basic principles of design as all our cables. We believe they are the lowest priced cables that allow music to flow with an organic realism that never sounds manufactured or demands you to pay attention to itself. Fully extended , grain free, non mechanical, and uncompressed with a natural tone.


A significant upgrade to the AL1. This is the best cable we know how to make at this time.  These cables share the AL1 technology along with these added improvements.

  • Better low level detail with a fluid delicate expression
  • Better separation of textures and tones revealing more complexity in the music
  • A sense of unlimited contrast and decay
  • A feeling of breathing freely as if there is no pipe for the sound to go through.
  • Increased ability to detect time and space domains in recordings. Awareness of performers being recorded at a different time and then mixed together.